Things that successful bloggers won’t tell you

Over the recent years, Internet blogging got so many eyes over on it. Because of the potential success, you can earn from on it. Most of the people start blogging after they went over some successful blogs. Ironically, most successful blogs teach you how to create money-making blogs.

So I decided to write this post to mainly explain the pain points and behind the scenes of blogging. Which is not told by the successful blogs you come across. My perception and views might be little different if you have an opinion about it.Feel free to discuss in the comments.

Things that successful bloggers won't tell you
Things that successful bloggers won’t tell you

1.Blogging is not easy

Blogging is not an easy job to do unless you are a great writer with full of passion in it or you have crazy ideas to attract attention. The reason because is that, most of the internet content is well created already. So if you have a plan to make dive into the deep ocean, come up with unique ideas rather than following the same stupid successful blog series which tells you how to make successful blogs.

2.No Passion, No money

If you got so much excited seeing other bloggers earning income and decided to jump in with the dream of making millions. Stop it right there. You need a passion for creating blog rather than only making money out of it. The more you passionate about the blog, the more you work hard and create great content for it. So do not jump in untill you are really really ready.

3.Successful blogs are history

Most of the successful blogs are early adopters before even you get to know about blogging. They have high winning probability than all others who are coming behind. They will be still successful even if they don’t make anything unique other than their way into success. Since they are all history. And technically, they have the huge advantage over us.

4.Don’t be a sheep

Do you want to stand out? Then stop being a sheep. Stop following things blindly and start thinking how to use them wisely. Most of the blogs run from the curiosity of early bloggers. So know who to follow and what to do by all yourself by analyzing and researching lot of things.

5.You can’t make money overnight

You never can make money out of overnight using a blog. Blogging takes weeks, months or even years to give the result like a tree you plant. So stop expecting money from it. keep doing your job. If you are really good at it, then you don’t even need to move your thumb to make money out of it. It will automatically happen.

Why I wrote this?

I have seen many people on the internet thinking that they can make a hugely successful blog just by following some of the successful blogs. Getting inspired is no wrong but don’t make a stupid out of yourself.

Everything needs a time and hard work. So if you are really into blogging then jump on it. Put other things aside and keep writing great content that will be useful for so many people.

And you can be definitely successful one day.

I put it aside a lot of technical stuff involved in blogging when am writing this. Because if you don’t possess those things mentioned above. All other remaining things are useless to consider.

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