5 Simple apps that made millions

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5 Simple apps that made millions

5 Simple apps that made millions


Ever wondered a simple yo you say to a friend can make you a million. Look at this Yo app. Yo is a one-tap notification app that sends a one-word message -“Yo” – to other users. There’s no nuance to responding to an incoming “Yo”; users can merely “Yo” back.

Seems like a stupid idea? You won’t think the same if I reveal you how much money it made.  It almost valued about 7 million. As every king rise and fall. Yo grabbed up on the ladder so quickly and felt down as quickly as possible too.

Dumb ways to Die

Imbecilic Ways to Die is an okay diversion – it’s an intriguing idea, and it was made truly well, yet in the event that you get down to it, the gameplay isn’t generally all that awesome. Stupid Ways to Die basically includes the same gameplay content again and again, but a tiny bit speedier each time round, and some way or another that has enraptured a huge number of cell phone proprietors around the world.It made $50 million worth of global media value. Definitely not a dumb app in making money.

Flappy Bird

High-fy me if you were also gone to break your mobile because of this addictive game. Flappy Bird received poor reviews from critics, who criticized for its level of difficulty, plagiarism in graphics and game mechanics, while other reviewers found it addictive. At the end of January 2014, it was the most downloaded free game in the iOS App Store. During this period, its developer said that Flappy Bird was earning $50,000 a day from in-app advertisements as well as sales.

Who thought a simple bird game will make people go rogue. The additional fact about this app, after it banned. People who had the game already listed their phone in an auction for $300 to $9000 and made the money as well.