How to increase the blog traffic quickly

We all been in the situation to get some quick traffic on our blog. Currently, i have faced a lot of questions about this on Quora, I have decided to write my personal trick which I used and seems to given result for me.

I want this to keep it short and simple. So for a new blog (currently this blog has been old just one plus week) to get indexed in a search engine to drive enough traffic will take few weeks to a month.  Even though the lot of optimization you do. So the best opportunity to drive instant traffic is social media.

Another important thing is to consider is the content. If you don’t have some interesting content then there is no point of performing Search engine optimization as well as social media marketing.

So these are the two essential things to drive instant traffic to your blog

  • Great Viral Content
  • Social Media Marketing

So now we have these two factors in mind, I am going to share a strategy which I implemented two days back. Which gained me a lot of traction on this blog. Please note that my blog is just less than two weeks old.

Before the Strategy:

How to increase the blog traffic quickly
How to increase the blog traffic quickly

After the strategy:

How to increase the blog traffic quickly
How to increase the blog traffic quickly

As you can see for the past one week i had only 43 visitors, but within these two days, i have got almost 239 visitors without the help of search engine.

So what i  really did?

I have recently used the GOT night king filter in Facebook, when i tried to use it again i couldn’t able to figure it out for some time and then i got it working again. Then i googled about how to add night king filter on Facebook. There was no direct post for it all the links were had only the news.

So i decided to quickly grab the attention and opportunity and wrote this post a yesterday 01:00 AM. Since i am aware of the fact fresh the content on the internet, more the traffic.

How to add night king filter on Facebook

Then I shared it in few page and my profile in Facebook and slept. As I expected the traffic went high, i was able to get around more than 170 users in the same night since the content is viral and all the referral is from Facebook and the hit is still going on.

If you feel the numbers i have shared is very low +3520.00% increase in the user from the previous week.

To conclude, with the right content and a good social media marketing you can quickly grab a quick traffic for your blog before even you get indexed.

This is not the only way to grab the traffic, however, this is something i tried and worked out very quickly. So feel free to share your experiment below in comments and for more interesting technical random post subscribe us.