Let’s catch up the headlines easily using newsapi

Do you know there is API available to get the latest, top and popular news from the different source medium? If not meet the newsapi.org.

News API can provide live headlines from 70 sources.

Yes, it has 70 sources and it is free provided you backlink them by having their attribute. So to test out the API we have created a simple application for you.

You can visit it here to see the demo. And for the source here.

catch up the headlines easy using newsapi
ctch up the headlines easy using newsapi

What is the use of it?

You can make a widget or a plugin around it to feed it into your own website or you can even make a mobile application for the specfic audience using specific source channels.

  • The API is CORS free and you can access it easily from the front-end.
  • Everything is asynchronously cached for a super-fast response.

How to use it?

Just create an API key from here and get started to catch up the headlines easy using newsapi

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