Wana surf the internet with privacy?

Bing, Yahoo, Google.

We all might have been using one of this above search engine regularly. Do you know the fact, that your search data is getting tracked?

If not, Ever seen ads that are so related to the search terms you have done search before in this search engine. If your answer is Yes, then you are giving your search data to the search engine without you itself knowing. This is not illegal as search engine have rights to get the data you search and use them for commercial purpose.

They have terms and conditions for that which you are obliged and using their search engine. So what if you want to surf the internet without giving your private data. Obviously, we can’t remember all the website names. So the best possible solution as of now to surf the internet with privacy is DUCKDUCKGO.

surf the internet with privacy
surf the internet with privacy

Sounds funny right! Duckduckgo is a search engine which doesn’t track your data which is their main motto.



Even though they are not par with the search algorithms like google or yahoo. They still give decent search results and mainly without taking your private data.

If you want to know more about Duckduckgo


If you want to use Duckduckgo


And I forgot to mentions another speciality of it No track of data equals to no ads to bug you around while you search. You can simply add this as chrome extension to make your search results in duckduckgo.

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