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So we all be in the situation of panic when we not able to reach or know our loved one details. Most of the time it might be the case of the mobile phone in silent mode or kept away in some place. To avoid this panic situation, we can simply use our GPS enabled mobile. Personally, I have faced such situation and decided to find some way to track my friends/family, and i ended up getting this amazing app called Find my friends from google play store.

best app to track friends
best app to track friends

To simplify this app does the following functions:


• Find your friends
• Locate your friends on a Map
• Let friends find you
• Chat with friends
• Get info — on ETA, exact location, etc.
• Share news — about a great new restaurant opening, store sale, etc.
• Get directions

best app to track friends
best app to track friends

Locate and Find My Friends is the premier friend locator app. Whether you’re shopping for a new outfit, camping in the great outdoors or enroute to best-ever party, Locate and Find My Friends GPS tracking data makes it easy to locate friends in real time.

Real-time data is important!

best app to track friends
best app to track friends

Consider two scenarios: Will your habitually late friend make it to the movie on time? Use Locate and Find My Friends to pinpoint his/her exact location and estimated arrival time, so you can plan accordingly. Is your directionally challenged friend lost (again)? Locate and Find My Friends is a lifesaver. It pinpoints your missing friend’s exact location and provides navigational help (i.e., directions) so you can guide them to their determined destination. It’s the friend finder and friend locator that works.


The app user interface/experience is very simple. You can register yourself and either can join a group or create the group to start tracking all you need is an android phone with GPS service and internet data.

Over 10 million downloads

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