How to get started with freelancing?

In this post, we are going to see how to get started with freelancing. I have done freelancing for more than 2 years during my college days. I have made more than 1000$ in upwork (formerly Odesk). This guide going to concentrate on simple steps which you can implement to increase your chances in freelancing.

How to get started with freelancing
How to get started with freelancing


To get started with freelancing you need to have some skills. You don’t have to be an expert, but intermediate skill is essential to make through.

What are the options available?


There are plenty of freelancing platform available online, i am going to recommend you only three sites, which i believe to be easier to get started and having more trust factor.

What do you need to do first?


You need to create a profile on any one of this sites. I have been very comfortable with Upwork, so i suggest you the same to go with. Sign up into Upwork and create the basic process to finish up your profile.

Once you are done creating the new profile you can get started applying to the jobs. Now there are two types of program available one is free and another one is premium.

Free gives you 60 connects while premium not limits yours connects. Connects are required to apply for the job available. With 2 connects you can create 1 application. So you have to choose your projects very carefully.

What’s Next after profile?


We have created a profile and we have started applying to the projects as well. Will you get the job as soon as you apply? The honest answer is NO. Because freelancing platforms are so competitive and there are already plenty of recognized freelancers available in the platform to do the same task.

So your chance is very less with the new profile. So you have to work hard to land in your first job. Once you able to get your first job, you will have a rating and review for yourself which will be helpful while applying for the next job.

So let’s see how to work hard and grab the first. Let’s analyze what’s stopping you from getting your first job.

  1. New profile (Lack of details)
  2. Zero ratings (Low trust)

What must you do for this?


1.A completed profile (100%):

Your profile must be 100% completed. This is the small thing you can do which will impact very huge. If you don’t have 100% completed profile, your connects will be less than 60. Once you make your profile fully complete, you can get 60 connects i.e 30 job applications.

This also provides a lot of information to the platform as well as the contractor. Right, and completed profiles are usually the ones get more attraction.

2.Taking Test:

Don’t hesitate to take the test that is relevant to the skills. Keep repeating it until you score so well on it. So that, you can show that off in your profile. I have taken two test when i started, I kept repeating the test until i scored top 10%.

This is the best way to showcase that you are top on your skills to the client.

3.Good English:

Make sure you have no grammar or spelling mistake in your profile information as well as when you write job cover letters. More professional you are in your English, better the result.Clients prefer people who are easy to communicate with. The medium doesn’t matter whether it’s call or text messages.

Having a good understanding and good command over the language makes everything easy peasy. You don’t have to be a top notch but don’t be so naive while you communicating.

4.Attractive portfolio:

It’s always better to express yourself by the work you do rather than talking or describing it. So create a good number of projects and show it off in your portfolio. Make sure you choose right projects in your portfolio. Add only the projects sound professional and have some use case. If you have already done work outside of the platform, those links would be definitely helpful.

After you have done this. Next thing you should concentrate is on your cover letter which we will be covering in the next post. So stay tuned, ask your doubts in comments and follow us for regular post update.

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