How to create a backlink from Quora

For those who follow up, this blog would have already know that i am tracking the backlinks which i have created and writing post on how to re-create the backlink from the same high quality websites for the readers.  In case you are new, I have already written post on these following topics

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In this post, i am going to share how to create a backlink from Quora.

Quora is a question-and-answer site where questions are asked, answered, edited and organized by its community of users.

Which get’s millions of people regularly in it. So creating a backlink from this medium is must and also expose your blog to the readers and increase your traffic as well.

Let’s get into the steps of How to create a backlink from Quora:

1.Create a Quora account from here. You can easily integrate your Facebook account or Gmail account to make a new account in Quora.

2.Get used to the platform and follow the topics that are relevant to you or your blog niche.

3.Now start writing answers to the questions you can. Don’t try to stuff your blog links at first. Just try to answer genuinely.

4.If you find a question and that is something you address with your blog/website. Post the blog content fully or half in it and give foot link as your website source.

For example:

5. Quora has strict moderation policy so please add your links only when it’s essential and relevant.

6.Once you have done it, give the search engines some weeks to track your backlink from quora and then you are done. Keep repeating the same process to increase the count of backlinks from Quora.


How to create a backlink from Quora
How to create a backlink from Quora


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