How to create a backlink from a high quality blog

For those who are a regular reader here would have known that i write a backlink short series which demonstrates how i create a high-quality backlink from various sources.

How to create a backlink from a high quality blog
How to create a backlink from a high quality blog

If you are new and not aware of the backlink series i write, you can read the previous posts from below links

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So today we are going to see how to create a backlink from a high-quality blog.  There are plenty of ways to do it, i  am going to share what i have tried and what made the backlink for me.

So I have searched through online and find out more relevant niche sites close to my site niche. These are the few i tried to get onto it

and lot more that i couldn’t able to track them all.

So now let’s see how to get a backlink from this blogs.There are only a few ways to get the backlink from this blogs which are

  1. Broker link reporting
  2. Guest Posting
  3. Blog comments

While the first two takes needs a lot of work to put in.  The third one is the easy way to go. I have done the third one, so i am going to explain more on that. Other techniques will be addressed in the same series as soon as i explored on it.

I have gone through a lot of those blog posts read them and commented my thoughts on it with my website link. Most of this blogs ask’s your website link as an option and some of them don’t.  

The best way is using predefined form option to mention your website link rather than adding it in your comment text which might make you look like a spammer.

It’s good to not add your website link in a comment to get through the approval process. But, however if you find you have so much relevance through your website link then feel free to give it a try by adding it in your comment text. 

Most of these blogs have an approval system, so your comment may or may not pass the moderation system. So in my case, Out of plenty blogs i tried, i could able to get the backlink as soon as possible from

I have followed the same comment procedure in startwithclick , Since my comment got approved quick and got some traction of traffic from it to my website. It’s got the faster backlink.


How to create a backlink from a high quality blog
How to create a backlink from a high quality blog

As you can see i have almost 39 backlinks from the website with few of my honest post comments. In case you are wondering about the popularity of

How to create a backlink from a high quality blog
How to create a backlink from a high quality blog

With minimal effort commenting on a high quality blog can  get you a quick backlink as well as a quality ones. So i hope this made you clear the blindness involved in how blog commenting can help you in getting high quality backlink.

What about the remaining blogs?

As you would have been aware now, i have to able to crack only the one source i have mentioned from the list above. The reason for that is

  1. The sites in the list receives huge amount of comments, so it take a while to comment get appeared publicly online.
  2. There might be a chance of my comments getting into spam or trash.
  3. Search engine takes a lot of time in tracking the backlink. So i need be patient to look for the reaming results.

Apart from this, there is no reason i am seeing in not getting backlinks from all the blogs. I hope this post would have helped you and cleared your mind about blog commenting usefulness. For more interesting post feel free to subscribe us. If you want to ask questions feel free to do it in comments.

Point to Note:

You will have higher chance, if you target some medium level popular blogs instead of going for most famous blogs and websites.

Keep watching this post, i may update the list as soon as i get one backlink from the blog lists i have mentioned.



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