How i made my first sale in Flipkart

It has been quite a while I have been introduced to affiliate marketing. I have created both Flipkart and Amazon affiliate a few years back. But I couldn’t able to make any conversion even though I have tried few times in a different way. If you are buying from either of this e-commerce websites, you can save yourself some bucks.

In case if you have guys never heard about affiliate marketing. Let me put in a simple way

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

So i thought about the idea since it’s kind of interesting, i have tried out rarely to make some conversion on it.

Things i have tried before:

  • I have usually integrated some affiliate ad in my previously created blog which obviously didn’t work out and ended up in vain.

Recently with the rise of online shopping, most of my friends do online shopping often. So suddenly i thought, why not suggest this affiliate stuff to my friends.

So a few days back, my friend decided to buy a mobile phone. Since i have given up on this affiliate stuff a way back, i thought let’s try to insist him to buy that mobile phone using my affiliate account and see what will happen.

He obviously obliged and bought that phone using my affiliate link. So was curious to check out the result. It took some time to reflect on my affiliate dashboard and then this happened

How i made my first sale in Flipkart
How i made my first sale in Flipkart

So we have saved ourself 162RS which is 10% commission of the original product rate. Even though this is less, why no for free money.

This is how i made my first sale in Flipkart. So instead of relying only on online platforms to make the conversion you can also ask your friends and relatives to use your affiliate link and can save money for themselves as well as yourself.

So if you are ready to spend few minutes before you buy a product. Then you can also save some bucks for each purchase you make on this website.

How to save some money for each sale you make

  • Go to the below links
  • Sign up an account. Choose the medium you or your friends make a purchase so often. Because you have a threshold amount on these websites. For example, in Flipkart, you have to make 1000Rs to withdraw or 250Rs to convert into Flipkart coupen.
  • Then simply choose the product you or you’re going to buy and copy the URL. You can create affiliate URL using your affiliate account. So paste this URL and make it as your affiliate URL and make the purchase through it.
  • And you made it.

Currently, the Flipkart program has been closed for maintenance. However, you can go to Amazon. If you going to use this for yourself, make yourself you have given different email for your regular purchase account and affiliate account to make sure that cashback commission, not cut-off.

I hope this post is useful and interesting, i kept the how to do part simple. If you are really keen on it and having doubts on it. Please let me know in comments and subscribe us for the more interesting random post in your inbox.

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