How to get started with freelancing part-2

If you read my previous post,  now you would have a great profile which is 100% completed and you would have taken some test as well. In this post, we will see simple steps about how to make the cover letter as simple as possible so that you get picked up for the job. It’s mainly written based on the platform of upwork.

If you are already seen the website you would have known what is a cover letter. In case you don’t know, the cover letter is nothing but a proposal letter for a job you apply.

How to get started with freelancing
How to get started with freelancing

How your cover letter should be


1.Don’t be over grammatic

Don’t make it too complex with so much vocabulary and sentence. Be straight to the point with the list of

  • What you can do on that project which other’s cant do
  • Your past experience on same technology
  • Why he should hire you instead of other applicants

Don’t elaborate on too much sentence. Just write 2-4 lines on each point. If you already have a great profile, just mention some of the projects you did before and ask them to take a look on your profile instead of writing so much about it. This makes it short and simple

2.Be polite and honest

Keep yourself polite and be honest about what you can do and what you can’t-do. Just don’t say yes to everything. If you don’t understand some part of the job in description ask them out and clear it instead of telling understood everything and can be done. This is important because it will avoid communication gap and also lets you do the feasibility analysis.

3.Stick to job description

Stick to the job description and write your cover letter around it. Do not deviate and write something else which the client must not be interested to read. So don’t be a time waster.

4.Ask questions

This is the best way to express that you are more involved in that job rather than just giving it a try. Ask your doubts about the job description. The more you ask and get cleared by the client will increase your chance quickly to get landed on that job. Be reasonable and make sense with your questions. Ask questions only when it’s essential.

5.Start with suggestion

Most of the time, the client might be in a situation which needs a lot of suggestion. So if you feel the job description is in the same area. Start your application with the list of suggestions. When the client is open to suggestion and getting a cover letter filled with the lot of them will surely impress him and get you that job.

And be natural as you are Don’t think too much on it. Write what u feel to write. I hope this helps you to make a good cover letter. The next part is simple steps of increasing your chance to get you landed in the first job.

How to get landed up on a job quickly?


1.Bid low when you start

Don’t consider your first gig as earning consider it as an investment for yourself. So bid as low as possible to get landed up on the first job. I have done my first job for 2$ which was really worth of 25$ project.

2.Keep applying

The key to success is always never giving up. Keep applying till you have the application. More you try, more the probability of getting a gig.

3.Basic tools

Have basic tools according to your skill to quickly create a prototype and show it off in the cover letter. This is a 100% working way that you get the job. But the risky part about is, still, the client can choose some other contractor to do the job. So be wise when you spending time on things before even getting the job.

4.Analyze competitors

The best way to know where you stand is to look at your competitor. So never hesitate to look at your same matching skill freelancer profile. Analyze their profile and try to make a good list of items you should do on your profile to improve yourself. Looking at establishing freelancer on your skillset, will boost you up and motivate as well.

5.Don’t stop

Once you started trying, just don’t stop. Keep going till you achieve the job. Keep trying even if you are not ending up in any gig for months. Keep working on your profile and skills till you getting a job.

All the best for yourself. If you have any doubts please let me know in comments. And subscribe the blog for next interesting post.

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