Earn from your smartphone

Want to get some free recharge or some Paytm cash? these are few of apps which enable you to earn from your smartphone. And the good news is, there are plenty of people already use it and make money out of it.

Meet these smartphone apps which enables you to achieve the feat

earn from your smartphone
Earn from your smartphone
  1. https://www.taskbucks.com/

At TaskBucks, we are making ‘time spent on smartphones’ more rewarding. You do fun tasks like trying new apps or engaging with existing ones, sharing interesting content , taking surveys.. and for all this you earn Bucks. Use these Bucks to get:

  • Free mobile recharge
  • Free postpaid bill payment
  • Free Paytm cash
  • Free data recharge
  • Viral stories in 6 different languages
  • Boost phone performance
  • Save battery time
  • One tap boost
earn from your smartphone
Earn from your smartphone


Play on our app. Complete tasks for large organisations. Earn money


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