How to get free images for your blog?

Whenever you come up with content, it will be always difficult to create a relevant image of it. So we end up in google image search. But do you know,  it might lead you into copy right problem. So how can you avoid it and how to find free images for your blog.

how to get free images for your blog?
how to get free images for your blog?

Being posting here regularly I source this blog images from various free images websites where images are free to use without any copyright infringement problem. These are all free websites from where i source my images.

And most of this sites are free from the watermark.

How to track your friends using google map

Sharing Your Location

We all been in the situation to know our friend location. I have already written a post about tracking your friend location with an android app. But guess what, I have found out google offering the same solution using google map. This is great because almost all smart phones are pre-installed with google maps.

So how it works?

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